Wedding rings

Nowadays, these symbols acquiring new meanings, since the alliances, which previously were a distinctive sign towards the outside of the couple, are today identified with a more intimate and personal commitment.

We believe that the requirement of personalization of these symbols is undoubtedly a necessity and a logical desire of our time for which we have put hands to the work in the creation of languages ​​in which each pair can feel identified in a special, own way and non-transferable.

The Ideas

Periplo | Enreda2 | Complementa2 | Encuentros | Empotra2 | Simbiótic@s
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[vc_custom_heading text=”We propose a series of ideas, possible materials and different finishes. From the proper combination of these elements, no doubt the symbol that identifies with you and your experiences will arise.
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The Finishes

Mate | Shine | Roturado | Martélé | Rodinated | Patinated
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The Materials

White, Yellow or Red Gold | Silver | Steel, Iron | Noble Woods | Diamond in Brut
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If each person in himself is “a world” we can say that every relationship, every couple is “a Universe” and we want to help you express it.

Consult budgets and tell us your ideas.

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